Welcome to Persona Grata!  I created this blog to document my upcoming trip to the Middle East, Greece, and Albania.  I will also be sharing stories, thoughts, and observations from my previous trips.  It’s somewhat of an attempt to catch up on all of the writing I never seem to do when I’m abroad.

Persona grata means a welcomed person.  I am convinced that if you travel, you will either find yourself welcomed or can make yourself welcome just about anywhere in the world.  (Before you scoff at this notion and call me idealistic or naïve, read Rory Stewart’s The Places in Between.)  Approach the world with open arms instead of fearful glances, and you’ll get more in return than you ever thought possible.  Step out of your comfort zone, trust other people for a change, and definitely talk to strangers.

The stories in this blog come from times when I did just that.

So welcome, enjoy, and safe travels!


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